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Teddy Bear Hospital Visit

There was great excitement when the Teddy Bear Hospital visited in February

Some children brought in teddy bears or soft toy animals and they all worked with key workers to write out appointment cards identifying their toy's injury. They could then visit the mini-hospital with their toy and talk to a doctor about it. They got to see and use medical equipment and the toys were bandaged and given a prescription.

At another station they got to learn about how the body works and place body parts. They also learned about healthy fruit and vegetables.

In another room they looked at potential accidents with Mr Happy and Mr Bump in their little house. Looking for dangers in the home and the street and shouting "No teddy, no!" when they were at risk of an accident.

It was a wonderful afternoon and we are very grateful to the Teddy Bear Hospital for providing it. The children were enthralled, excited and entertained; all while learning so much!