Settling in

During the half-term before the child starts, we will contact you to arrange opportunities for visits to the setting. You will be allocated a key person who will welcome you and look after you through the settling in process.

At the first visit we go through the registration process and then once the child starts to attend, explain the settling in process and work with parents to jointly decide the best way to help the child settle in.

We expect that parents will stay for most of the first sessions, but this will decrease as the child begins to form relationships with the key person. For younger children, this may take longer. We judge a child to be settled when they look to the key person for comfort or reassurance, is familiar with where things are and is pleased to participate in activities and see other children.

We don't believe that leaving a crying child helps them to settle quicker; in fact we believe that it may prevent them from getting the best from the setting.