Little Berries Pre-School

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Dressing for pre-school

We do not have a uniform, but we do recommend that children come to us dressed suitably for the weather and ready for mess! Although we provide overalls to keep the worst off, the children can be indoors or outside and up to any number of activities - so be prepared and remember to plan for suitable footwear too. That means no high heels or open toes.

Please ensure all clothing is labelled, but especially coats, sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans. Children do end up taking home the wrong items and you won't be surprised to hear that we often are left with piles of unidentified lost clothing items which we could return if we just knew who to give them to!

In the event of clothing being soiled, we can provide the children with something to wear. Borrowed clothing just needs to returned clean, as soon as possible.

A detailed description of our dress code can be found in our policies.

We have a range of Little Berries clothing items available, all carrying the Little Berries logo. They are very suitable for pre-schoolers to wear and you will also spot the team wearing some of the items as well.

Samples can be seen in the pre-school and we do keep a stock of some of the most widely requested sizes. Just ask a member of staff for more information.

Little Berries T-Shirt

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Little Berries Sweatshirt

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