Little Berries Pre-School

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Management Committee

Unlike many other pre-schools, Little Berries Pre-School is not a commercial venture, but instead is a charity run by a voluntary parental committee in conjunction with the Lead Practitioner and pre-school staff. This gives tremendous benefits to the children and families attending, as they are the primary focus and potentially are even the decision makers. The setting can be more responsive to the needs of it's families when they are more closely involved; bringing their invaluable parental and community insight into the pre-school.

The committee has overall responsiblity for the oversight of the pre-school as well as being a positive support. They help out with fund raising, outings, special events and parties. Parents may also help during sessions, with special acitvities or coming in to read with the children. They can also offer support skills in administration, technology or another profession. Parental support in this way is essential to maintain and improve the pre-school experiences for their children.

The committee meets as necessary, but usually committee meeting take place 1-2 times per half-term. There is an AGM held in September each year, and at this meeting the committee is elected (although members can join during the year).

Committee members are required to maintain confidentiality.