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Child Health

Pre-School children regularly come into contact with all manner of illnesses and you may even feel that it is a rare event that they are completely healthy! In cases of minor sniffles, where your child is behaving normally, then it is fine to bring your child into the pre-school. However if your child is unwell, then it is vitally important that your child stays home until they are fully recovered. Whatever the illness, it is essential that you speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns about your child's health, just so that we can make sure we can give your child the very best levels of care possible.

If your child becomes ill whilst at the setting we will contact those names given to us to arrange for the child to be collected. The child shouldn't return to the setting until they have recovered and we may ask that they are taken to a doctor before returning.

Here we have tried to help by identifying below some of the most common illnesses that pre-schoolers get and giving an indication of our policies towards them. For a complete list, see this document produced by Health Protection Agency.

Important - In these instances do not bring your child to pre-school (but do let us know)

Vomitting and/or diarrhoea (keep them home for at least 48 hours after the last occurance)

Chicken Pox (stay home until all blisters have scabbed over and the child feels well, this is usually about 5 days after the rash appears)

German Measles/Rubella (stay home for 6 days from the onset of the rash)

Measles (do not come to the setting for at least 4 days from the onet of the rash)

Any infection requiring prescribed antibiotics (allow 48 hours after starting the medication, before returning to the setting)

Flu (keep children at home until they feel well)

Bring your child to pre-school once treatment has started (and let us know)



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