Little Berries Pre-School

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Child Behaviour

At Little Berries we believe in promoting positive behaviours and follow a behaviour policy. Staff all have behaviour training through courses and NVQ units.

We handle unnacceptable behaviour by using distraction techniques and by withdrawing the child away from the situation. We do not single out or humiliate children, use physical punishment or a naughty chair. Instead we make use of time out techniques, where a child is withdrawn from conflict and then supported by a member of staff in a different activity.

We make it clear that is only the child's behaviour we are unhappy with; not the child.

We believe in praising good behaviour and minimising attention for bad behaviour.

We set clear and consistent boundaries. We regularly explain the Pre-School's rules at 'Mat-Time'.

Generally, your Key Person will keep you informed of your child's behaviour. If incidents are recorded, then the parent is informed and asked to countersign the entry to say that they have been informed.